About Mrs. Cooper

I am so glad that you will be a part of my class this year! This will be my 12th year of teaching, and my fourth year teaching Spotlight. My husband Michael is the Family Pastor at First Baptist Church Nesbit. I have two kids, Luke who is 8 and Molly who is 5.
One of my favorite parts of teaching is that everyday is different! I am excited about all of the things we get to learn and explore this year! 

What is Spotlight? Spotlight is the chance for your child to explore learning through a framework designed specifically for the gifted and talented. Spotlight is the opportunity for them to identify their strengths and learn to utilize them to their fullest. We will focus on six different “competencies” that our units will be built around. These competencies (thinking skills, creativity, information literacy, success skills, affective skills, communication skills) will allow students to experience learning in a way that they will enjoy and excel.




Click the links below to visit other fun and educational sites with games, puzzles, and interesting activities:

CODE  ( Our class code is FXWJXD )

Virtual Field Trips

Jigsaw Explorer

Math and Logic Problems


Math Playground


Breakout EDU

San Diego Zoo

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