Jo Faucher


Jo Faucher

About the Teacher/Welcome Msg


I am a graduate of Horn Lake High School. Continuing my education, I received a B.S. in Elementary Education  from The University of Montevallo in Alabama. In 2006 I earned a M.S. in Curriculum and Instruction from the University of Mississippi. I am certified to teach gifted students.


I had many wonderful experiences before coming to DeSoto County Schools as a teacher. Mostly I worked in pre-schools, various children's programs and PTAs.  I truly feel teaching is my life's work. For twelve years I taught first grade at Olive Branch Elementary. I have been fortunate to teach gifted students at OBIS, Chickasaw and Lewisburg since 2012.


My name is Jo Faucher. ( pronounced fo-sha with long vowels! ) I am married to Gerald Faucher. Together our blended family consists of six children and eight grandchildren  We have 2 dogs, a cat and a number of fish. I grew up in Horn Lake with my three brothers. I enjoy travel, love the beach, crafting and playing with our grandchildren.

Class Schedule

We begin class August 31st 

Daily begin at 8:00 Dismiss at 2:15 

Lunch, Activity and Recess is with homeroom


MONDAY: Hockman, Pomeroy, Hillerman

TUESDAY: Janes, Crick

WEDNESDAY: Sullivan, Williams, Stephens

THURSDAY: Herring, Lawrence

FRIDAY: Coker, Keane




Virtual Learning Day Activities

Onomatopoeia are sound words. Choose 5 words and make a sentence.

Scavenger Hunt- find items that are: squishy, clear, bounces, turns, bumpy, metal, round, twists, shiney, rolls, a tube Learn about Inventors & scientists.

OPTIONAL Parent help needed. Create crystals; use 3 Tablespoons salt or sugar and 3 Tablespoons hot water. Stir until dissolved. Put a skewer or cotton string in liquid. Leave in a quiet area. Check after a few days. Look up solution and saturate.

Story with Holes: Alan said he could build a house in four hours without using nails. Ask yes or no questions to explain how!

You can email or message me questions and answers. Take a picture or draw a picture of your work to send. You can also share in our next class meeting.




Wish List

  •  1 box sanitizing wipes
  • paper towels

Schoology _ Assignments for SPOTLIGHT students will be available in Courses- Gifted Grades 2-8 section 1. Virtual students will receive all their work here. In Person students will complete a few assignments as part of classwork. This is to familiarize them with the program and meet communications standard.  

Class Calendar