Amy Kraft

3rd Grade

Amy Kraft
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About the Teacher/Welcome Message


I received my undergraduate degree from St. Ambrose University in Davenport, Iowa in elementary education.

A few years later, I returned to school and received my master's degree in social work from St. Ambrose as well.


The year I graduated with my undergrate degree in elementary education the school district in Peoria, Illinois, where I was living at the time, let go of 250 teachers and employees due to budget issues. 

I worked various cleaning and waitressing positions until I was fortunate to be hired at the Illinois Institute for Addiction Recovery. I started working with teens that were struggling with a variety of addictions.

Upon completion of my master's degree, I moved into a counseling position at the Addiction Recovery center. I then began working with adults struggling with addictions of all sorts.

My husband was transferred to Memphis, and I was very fortunate to obtain a teaching position. I absolutely love teaching, but I do miss working with my clients at the Illinois Institute of Addiction Recovery. I have begun my 16th year of teaching this 2019 school year


My name is Amy Kraft. I have taught at Chickasaw for 15 full years. I have not always taught the 3rd grade here at Chickasaw. The first year that I taught I was at Shadow Oaks in Horn Lake. There I taught 1st grade. The next year I was able  to come to Chickasaw to teach 3rd grade. 

I moved to Olive Branch with my family from Peoria, Illinois. My husband, Pete, was transferred to Memphis with his work. I have 2 daughters, Megan and Kaelyn. I also have 3 dogs Gracie, Lilly, and Daisy. 

Class Schedule

7:10- Students come to class

7:40- Tardy bell rings

9:15- Activity 

10:45- Recess Snack- (during recess)

11:20 - 11:50- Lunch 

12:00- Switch classes

1:45- Switch back to homeroom class

Dismissal starts at 2:25 (car riders and walkers)

                           2:28 (busers)


Activity Schedule:

Monday- PE

Tuesday- Computer

Wednesday- Art

Thursday- Library

Friday- Music


MATH AND READING: Daily Assignments will already be posted once your child logs in.

I-Ready (Click on the blue I-ready link to open i-Ready)

This week (May 11th-15th) you will be working on the following on i-Ready:

Monday-  Draw Scaled Picture Graphs

Tuesday-  Draw Scaled Bar Graphs

Wednesday- Practice: Draw Scaled Bar Graphs

Thursday-  Divide Shapes into Parts with Equal Areas

Friday- Catch Up Day/ Fun Friday! Let's go to DISNEY!! :) 

Go down to documents and click on Disney World Class Trip 1. When your mouse turns into a hand, click on that video and enjoy the fun!! 

Have fun and see if you can answer some of the questions Mrs. Silver (the teacher who created this and was so nice to share it) asked as she ventured through the park. 


Also, please don't forget to play at least 10 min. a day! 


SCIENCE :  Plans for the Week of May 11th- 15th

Brainpopjr login info: Username: kraftskiddos

                                  Password: 46angels

Monday- Skeletal System

  • Read and answer the questions on the systems of our body 2 worksheet concerning the skeletal system (below where it says Documents)
  • If you aren't able to print it off, than you can write it on a sheet of paper.

Tuesday- Respiratory System

  • Read and answer the questions on the systems of our body 2 worksheet concerning the respiratory system (below where it says Documents)
  • If you aren't able to print it off, than you can write it on a sheet of paper.

Wednesday- Digestive & Nervous System 

  • Watch the movie about the digestive and nervous systems (Two separate videos)
  • Read and answer the questions on the systems of our body 2 worksheet concerning the digestive and nervous systems  (below where it says Documents)
  • If you aren't able to print it off, than you can write it on a sheet of paper.

         Don't forget to put any answers, projects, questions, or pictures on to our private             Facebook page. I can't wait to see all of your answers! :) THANK YOU to the ones           who have been posting. I LOVE seeing your work! :) 

i-Ready log in information

We are starting a new platform for assignments it is called iReady.

Your child’s name and assignments are already “loaded” into iReady.  You log in to iReady by:


2.    Your student’s username is their first and last initial followed by their MSIS # (the same number they use to log into classworks) for example: ak1469874

3.    The password is just their miss#

4.    Make sure that it says Mississippi

5.    There will be assignments already waiting for them.


1.     Open up the internet and search iready

2.    Click on the first link. You should now see a page that says your internet browser is not supported. DON”T PANIC

3.    Locate the 3 dots at the top right of your screen. Click them.

4.    Go down the list and click on desktop site.

5.    You should be able to enter your username and password, Don’t forget to make sure Mississippi is selected.

There is 3 assignments already assigned to each student. One for each day for the rest of the week. I have 5 new assignments that will “pop up” on the screen as assigned next Monday. 

Welcome to Mrs. Kraft's Class. 

Our class motto is: You Don't have to be PERFECT to be AMAZING

Free On-line Resources

Free Resources

Class Calendar




Please go to Facebook and search for the page Mrs. Kraft’s Creative Kiddos. I have to approve anyone who asks to join the group. This is not a requirement. I thought this would just be a fun way for students to stay in contact and show off their work. Please note that everything needs to be kid friendly. If you have any questions and concerns, please send them to me directly through school status or a text.



Resources for On-line Learning

Optional Resources (not included in the assignments)

Student's Username - MSIS # (Lunch #)

Student's Password- MSIS #

This websites is included in the assignments.
This is a program that you  can set up an account and practice multiplication facts.
This is a website to practice differing math skills

This is the program that is discussed in the math assignments above. 

Student's user name is their first and last initial followed by their MSIS# (lunch #)

The password is just their MSIS#

Please search the Facebook Group Mrs.Kraft's Creative Kiddos

This is a place for the students to present their work they are completing at home. It is a private group, so I have to approve anyone who wants to join the group. This is not for questions for me. If you have questions or concerns please message me through School Status.